Improving the quality of your professional activity

Consulting: supervision and organisational development

Supervision and organisational development have been crucial constituents of the clinical and scientific work at the Sigmund-Freud-Institute since its establishment. These constituents have increasingly gained more acceptance as an important tool for ensuring quality. When we understand problems in work processes of groups or teams in organisations psychoanalytically, it means that we can identify those problems – comparable to individual symptoms – as a result of unconscious conflicts.

With the help of psychoanalytical methods unconscious dimensions in the interaction of individual, interpersonal and organizational processes of development can be analysed. Obstacles, which prevent the formation of powerful work processes and the achievement of goals, can be changed through a systematic analysis/reflection.

That way the quality of professional activity can be improved and ensured. Institutional conditions can be optimized in relation to institutional as well as personal goals and skills. Managers receive professional support through the analysis of their teams and the dynamics of their institution.

We offer following service:


  • e.g. for doctors and teachers as well as other professional groups

Organisational develompent

  • Supervision for groups and teams
  • Psychodynamic coaching of management
  • Analysis and development of organizations