Fördergesellschaft – ENGLISH VERSION

The promotional organisation of the Sigmund Freud Institute follows the aim of making the scientific work of the Sigmund Freud Institute accessible to a broad interested public.

Psychoanalysis is significant for many areas of life, for instance in childhood and adolescence, or in coping with traumatic experiences.

Together with the Sigmund Freud Institute, the promotional organisation is hosting lecture events. At these events, scientists report on their research on the causes of psychological suffering in children and adults or on the psychological consequences of social and cultural change, caused, for example, by the digitalisation of society.  A special research focus at the SFI is trauma caused by flight and expulsion.

Furthermore, the promotional organisation aims to financially support the scientific work at the SFI. To do so, we need as many new members as possible helping us co-funding the important psychoanalytic findings achieved at the SFI and transferring them to the public. Become a member: application for membership (PDF file).

The Fördergesellschaft Sigmund Freud Institute e.V. was founded on 17.11.2009. The association is listed in the register of associations at the district court of Frankfurt am Main. Its non-profit status is officially acknowledged by the Frankfurt am Main III tax office (tax number 45 250 6889 6 – K 18).

Here you can find the statute (PDF file).


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